Fabri, Ray: Maltese Linguistics: A Snapshot (PdF)


Fabri, Ray: Maltese Linguistics: A Snapshot (PdF)

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This volume is dedicated to JOSEPH CREMONA, a dear colleague and friend of ours, who passed away in 2003. JOE, as he was affectionately known by his friends, was the son of Gozitan parents, but, since his father worked in the British Diplomatic Service, he lived all of his life away from Gozo and Malta, namely, in Italy and in the UK. The language situation in which JOE grew up, and which was a result of the fact that his family was Gozitan but lived away from the island, must have had an influence on his choice of career, later in life, as an expert in Romance languages. CONTENTS: RAY FABRI: Introduction: in memory of JOSEPH A. CREMONA; GODFREY WETTINGER: Gozitan women in Tunis ransomed from captivity, ca. 1486; JOSEPH M.BRINCAT: FRANCESCO VELLA and the standardization of Maltese; MARTINE VANHOVE : The nominal quantifier xi in Matese; RAY FABRI: To agree or not to agree: suspension of formal agreement in Maltese; ALEXANDRA VELLA: Maltese intonation and focus structure; MARIE AZZOPARDI-ALEXANDER: Iconicity and the development of Maltese Sign Language; ANTOINETTE CAMILLERI GRIMA: From “That’s correct!” to “Let’s explore!” Developments in the teaching of native language grammar.

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